"Coronavirus, Cancer and Chronic Diseases.
A Human Tragedy"
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"I am very scared I will contract coronavirus COVID-19, from China. But I have no choice but to get out and go to work, as I have no other means to support my family. The Government is not helping much either. If I could get tested, that will bring me some peace of mind. I wear a mask, use gloves, wash my hands with alcohol and keep social distance as ordered. The social distance thing became so distant that I had to break up with my boyfriend, just in case.... "
"For the last three weeks, a very intense gastric pain was afflicting me. I took a little bit of Mylanta here and there, but the intense pain did not go away. After the fourth week, I went to see Dr Taziana, an Internal Medicine Doctor, who ordered me a gallbladder tomography, which I did it, but the intense pain did not go away. In previous years, I had done several endoscopies and the results were normal. So I decided to do a new endoscopy. Dr. Sergio, the treating Gastroenterologist, ordered a biopsia. The biopsy read: 'An endocarcinome moderately differentiated in the pyloric region.'"
The above are the typical thinking for millions of people, around the world nowadays. But it does not have to be that way. The just released book, "CORONAVIRUS, CANCER, AND CHRONIC DISEASES. A HUMAN TRAGEDY" describes with detail the nature of coronavirus, cancer, and chronic diseases such as depression, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease.
The book is intended to offer first hand knowledge on how to prevent, treat manage and cure these diseases.
Please browse through the enclosed summary and get the MY ONLINE DISEASE MANAGER application, so can manage your diseases on a daily basis. As a bonus, you will receive the following four titles published by TANGLED SYNAPSES:
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Neuroscience Researcher, Author and Writer, Ignacio Sanabria, M.Ed., was a successful IT professional living the fantastic yet elusive "American Dream." But life had other plans for him. He endured a series of chronic diseases for over twenty years. So far, he successfully fend off depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and cancer. He is confidente, Coronavirus will recede soon and life will become "normal" again, sort of.
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