Four amazing titles for you to read and enjoy; written by Neuroscience Researcher, author and writer Ignacio Sanabria, M.Ed.

Tangled Synapses: How Neuroscience And Resilience Overcome Depression

The Oxytocin Women

30,000 Days For Mr. William Kantshakes

The State Dinner

Excerpt from Tangled Synapses

"The impaired, distorted 'reality' I am accustomed to experiencing just showed up, as has been its habit over the last six years. My depression episodes have taken on a life of their own. They usually last for about two or three hours, during which feelings of powerlessness, a sense of discomfort and unreality take over..."

Excerpt from "The Oxytocin Women"

"Maria Jose showed up at Aparicio's place. She dropped by to say hello to Aparicio, Astrid's boyfriend, while the pouring rain stopped. They saluted each other with kisses on the cheek as was customary. Maria Jose sat next to Aparicio to watch television."Would you like to watch a movie? What about the latest James Bond movie?"Aparicio asked her."Yes, sure,"she replied. Maria Jose loved James Bond movies. When she was younger, she dreamed of a movie career. She often imagined herself becoming a Bond girl. Maria Jose went to the freezer and picked out two vanilla ice creams: one for Aparicio and the other for her. Both were now concentrating on the heroic jumps and fast driving of James Bond and the beauty of Simone, the Brazilian actress who played the Bond girl. It happened too fast. Aparicio grabbed Maria Jose and passionately kissed her. She was so shocked she almost fainted. She never imagined or expected something like that. She quickly recovered and responded passionately, too. He took her calzhinas off and made love to her, just like that. The entire process did not take more than five minutes-enough time to produce an Oxytocin release of 2.0 milliliters per minute for both of them. This was a record mark for them, as Aparicio and Astrid, in their best moments, only achieved 1.75 milliliters per minute. The extra 0.25 milliliters per minute secreted sealed their fate, along with Astrid's. Maria Jose dressed up and left the place. No eye contact was made and no single word was pronounced. The Oxytocin, once again, was messing up peoples's lives." The Oxytocin Women, a novel, describes what happens when Oxytocin, the hormone responsible for love is over - or under - secreted. Oxytocin rules the bewildering, yet frantic world of love and sex.

Excerpt from "30,000 Days For Mr. William Kantshakes"

"It is now the time to begin keeping track of my own time, as my time has a story, the story of the 30,000 days I was given to live. But 30,000 days are a lot of days to live, especially when some of these days were absolutely fascinating, and some others, the vast majority, unfortunately, were absolutely and totally miserable. It looks like 30,000 days are a very long time, perhaps for a newborn; but for someone who has lived 29,000 days, 30,000 days is nothing. At this point, you could finally understand the very essence of time. By then, it may be too late, as you may be tempted to get a new lease on time. But the number of days available to you is already set. Time, then, becomes a commodity, but time is always a commodity. Time needs to be accounted for, and it is accounted for in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millenniums, and so on. The minimum time someone has stayed on this planet is less than one day, maybe a few minutes or hours. The maximum was 46,355 days, which was lived by Ms. Jean Calvet, who died in 1997. I was assigned exactly 30,000 days. My good friend, Gabriela, was assigned 24,465 days. Every individual who has passed through this planet has been assigned a number of days to live. Methuselah, the longest lived individual in the known history of the world, according to the Bible, lived 353,685 days, or 762% more days than of Ms. Calvet and 848% more time than my own. Some would argue that living 353,685 days are too many days to live, but some others would like to live forever and ever. Immortality is an issue that has kept vanguard scientists and the common citizen awake for centuries. God, Freedom, and Immortality, three famous words, have been very prevalent throughout history...." In this novel, the author colorfully describes how Mr. William Kantshakes, named after William Shakespeare and Immanuel Kant, sometimes wasted away and sometimes enjoyed the 30,000 days he was given to live

The State Dinner novel

In the novel The State Dinner, the author explores the life of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, who was assassinated fifty years ago on November 22, 1963. Zeus, the former Almighty god of Mount Olympus, now the Almighty god of the Cocuy Mountain, situated in the South American Andes, fathered two heroes: JFK and Hector.

This is the tale of the two hero brothers who met only once on December 17, 1961, during the president's state visit to South America


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About the Author

Before falling into the obscure world of mental illness, Neuroscience Researcher, Author and Writer, Ignacio Sanabria, M.Ed., was a successful IT professional living the fantastic yet elusive "American Dream."Then depression took control of his life, and from then on hopelessness, despair, pain, emotional suffering, and several suicide attempts consumed his thoughts. Determined to overcome his depression, he became a neuroscience researcher in order to learn the neurophysiology and brain chemistry dysfunction behind depression; in doing so, he could devise a successful treatment plan. After painful years of trial and error, he finally succeeded.

He is now determined to live his life to the fullest, and travelling is one of these ''life fascinating things'' worth experiencing. He wanted to offer travel in luxury to the discriminating traveller who wants to travel the world in style. In his website, you will find spectacular travel options to the most exotic places. Please feel free to visit. You will be very pleased you did.

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